A proven plan for creating and launching your first essential oil study group online in just 14 days!


The EO Study Solution

Inside the EO Study Solution course, you'll get everything you need to create and launch your online essential oil study program so that you can stop spinning your wheels and start seriously scaling your business online.


You want to create and launch successful online essential oil studies.


You need to scale your business online so you can find new qualified leads, new customers, and grow your team without having to leave your house.


You have too many ideas, yet not enough clarity or strategy (or time!).


You're over trying to DIY all of your EO Study creation efforts and falling down every Google rabbit hole to get an answer to every question you have.


You're tired of feeling like you'll never launch your EO Studies or have a way to do them that brings you the results you want.


You wish there was an easy way to create and launch your online EO Study program simply, quickly, and best of all bring the results you want.


 I help my clients with those same problems every single day

 And if you're like any of them, you've probably made some of the same mistakes. 



  • MISTAKE #1

    Well, they say that you have to have a committed and large team to be able to pull off creating and running an oil study and I don't have one so this wouldn't work for me.

  • MISTAKE #2

    You think you can't do this because you have no idea where to begin or what steps to take to pull it off.

  • MISTAKE #3

    Well, I'm not good at technology or social media so I can't pull of doing this online.

  • MISTAKE #4

    I wouldn't be able to pull it off because I don't have enough time in my schedule to plan it out and do the things that it takes to get one up and running.

  • MISTAKE #5

    I've run out of people to invite and there's a pandemic, so how do I even meet people to invite them to do a study?

  • MISTAKE #6

    I don't think this would work for me because I've never been able to get many sales from an online class and I'm worried that I won't be able to find the right people to do it and people will do it just to get free stuff and they'll waste my time.


  • There was a way to create and launch your first online essential oil study group in less than a month...

  • There was a way to add an asset to your business that reignites your team and grows your business long after you've created it...

  • You could finally have a way to successfully grow your business online...

  • You could actually meet qualified leads without having to leave your house...

  • You could impact people by sharing your skills, your knowledge, and your gifts with a limitless audience... You could have all of the above with an enjoyable, repeatable process that makes you, your team, and your study participants happy...

All of that's possible inside...



Who is this right for?

New to the essential oils business

If you want to get your new business off on the right foot, having a proven way to grow online is especially wise for the age of social distancing and for 21st century business owners. With an online essential oil study program like this, you can have real sustainability (and profitability) in your business from the very beginning! Wouldn't it be great to be able to know how to find tons of leads online right away without having to burn through your warm market? And wouldn't it be great to have a simple way to quickly and easily bring in builders so you can grow your team?

Haven't done them before and don't know where to start

If you're tired of being limited by in-person classes and you want to revitalize your team, a great way to do this is to do online essential oil studies! Having a proven system for launching studies every two weeks could bring in a stream of new leads and a new event to invite people to on a revolving basis, or even a way to re-engage customers and turn them into sharers and builders for your team! Online essential oil studies, when done correctly, can run almost on auto-pilot and they're super fun and rewarding too because every two weeks you get a new group of people to help and you don't even have to leave your house!

Did your own before but not seeing the results

Already have an essential oil study that you've launched? Great! You can still get a TON of value from this course because you get access to our exclusive scripts that take your participants from cold prospect to customer, and often this happens before their study group even begins! The proven system and the materials you get with this course will bring you more sales, more new leads, and more builders faster. That means more sales, a higher conversion rate, and less money being left on the table. If your course is already successful, imagine how much more successful it could be when you have access to the framework and materials of a proven essential oil study system?

This is for you if...

You want an easy, straightforward system to set up, launch and run your own

high-converting essential oil study program in 14 days.

  • You want to grow your business

    You want to do essential oil studies online that breathes new life into your team and business, and successfully bring in the right people who...

  up and engage from start to finish,

    ...turn into customers (or are customers who re-engage and start ordering more),

    ...bring you new leads,

    ...turn into new builders for your team!

  • You're not seeing results

    You've done an essential oil study before but you're not seeing the results you had hoped for and you don't know where to get started when it comes to making improvements to your study so they can be more successful.

  • You're overwhelmed 

    You've started to plan out an essential oil study but you're overwhelmed by not knowing where to begin or what steps to take and whether you even have enough time to pull it off.

  • You didn't like other studies

    You've done an essential oil study before with your upline but you didn't see the results you had hoped for with their program and you're overwhelmed by the thought of launching your own.

On the other side...


You’re looking for ways to grow your business in-person rather than online.

You prefer to crowdsource free groups rather than get real, actionable strategy from experts.

You’re not interested in growing and scaling your business.

You like to move slowly and see a delayed return on your (time and money) investment.



Charlie W.

Doterra Blue Diamond

"I started out as a skeptical participant, brought three friends with me, and came out a week later having had incredible results with the oils, having fallen in love with Doterra as a company, and wanting to build! Not only that, but two of my friends decided to build with me! All four of us enrolled with a kit, and everyone connected me with referrals. I've done network marketing before and the hardest part was finding builders, asking for referrals, and finding leads. This program does that for me! When the person who invited me to the study asked me to bring friends, it didn't feel salesy or weird. I wanted to do this with people I knew so it was easy for me to connect her with my friends to get them into the study too. This program made it simple to bring our own participants into the next study. The scripts and systems are easy to follow, I have a revolving event to invite people to, and my "chicken list" is non-existent with the ease and flow of the scripts. It creates natural leads to continual conversations before, during, and after the study. With the incredible information about essential oils, fun giveaways, and multiple testimonials, it ensures that my prospects gain through knowledge, motivation, and the tools they need for lifelong loyalty and building opportunities with doTERRA!"

Laurian N.

EO Study Solution Member

"This program has absolutely revitalized my business! It's better than anything I've tried in my nine years with Doterra! It's an effective and simple process that took my business completely online. In 2 months I doubled my OV and added 8 new builders! Because of this program's approach, step-by-step scripts, and built-in surveys, people who participate are ready and willing to share their contacts, I've gotten more leads than ever before. AND the percentage of these leads who participate and convert is extremely high, I get 80% enrollments and some of these are before the study even begins (thanks to the scripts). Not only that, this is a great way to re-invigorate customers who before the study were barely ordering. After study - nearly all who participated are now ordering over 100pv every months; and several of my new builders are customer who were hardly ordering before. This program is that good!"

Sue S.

EO Study Solution Member

"I cannot express how much I appreciate this Study outline...a format that can help anyone build their business, as long as you just follow the steps...Laurel takes you through the steps from start to finish along with follow up...This structure will quickly pay for itself. I have no doubt you, too, will be blown away by the possibilities."

Sally D.

EO Study Solution Member

"The oil studies have given me new builders, new sharers, and increased enrollments. They have also re-engaged customers who were not yet committed to LRP who now see how many more products there are to meet their health needs. I have gained referrals too. I see it as a very organized way for people to experience the power of the doTerra oils in a group setting where people can share their oil experiences which is very powerful!"

Nancy R.

EO Study Solution Member


I'm Laurel

I'm a Diamond Wellness Advocate who works with teams to help them quickly and easily set up and launch their own high-converting, online essential oil study programs that runs on rinse and repeat every two weeks so they can find new leads, new customers, new builders, re-engage and retain customers, and have a way to scale their businesses online in the current world of social distancing. 


My background is in environmental and public health, and I'm an entrepreneur on purpose. I started working for myself over a decade ago while in the middle of a lay off at the government contracting firm that I worked for in Washington, DC. During that layoff, I made the decision that I would never give someone else the power to decide whether I had an income to support my family. I decided that I would never work for anyone else ever again and I never looked back. 


Fast forward to today and my second greatest joy, after my family of course, is helping wellness advocates like you find the joy in your business again, re-ignite builders on your team, re-engage customers, and find new customers, new builders, and tons of leads without ever having to leave your house!

Why I created this...

I wanted to create a course where I taught my system - the same one that gave me my business back and prepared my team for growing online in the age of social distancing. I wanted to help fellow Wellness Affiliates have a simple way to grow online without having to have a social media following or be tech or social media savvy. And I wanted to help them achieve that in a faster and more reliable way without the frustrations that so often come with trying to meet people online or pin them down for a sale.


I also firmly believe that a successful online business shouldn't be a hope or a dream; it should be an easily achieved reality. And I knew that I wanted that to become a reality for anyone out there who felt their business stall when everything shut down and everyone was afraid to be within 6 feet of each other.


And I also figured, hey, when you figure something out and see serious success, you shouldn't keep all that goodness to yourself!



The EO Study Solution


Course Overview & Information

You'll see an overview of the course and of the EO Study event. You'll learn what sets the EO Study Solution System apart from the regular way of doing essential oil studies. We also give you all of the downloadable materials, scripts, planners, calendars, cheat sheets, checklists, step-by-step guides (and more!) all in one place here so you don't have to go clicking through the course to find them. This module gives you all the exclusive tools and materials you need for quickly and easily setting up, launching, and running your high-converting online essential oil studies on rinse and repeat every two weeks!


First Launch Set Up

In Step One you'll have a strategy for picking your launch date and planning your launch with a step-by-step guide, Cheat Sheets, Calendars, and Planners. You'll use the Team Meeting Script to get your team onboard with helping you to set up and run your EO Study program.


You'll know exactly what supplies to order and where to order them, you'll have all the content you need for quickly setting up your study Facebook group (group descriptions, membership questions, group rules, Units Outline with descriptions and done-for-you posting templates for Pre-Study Education and 9 days of posts with multiple posts per day for your study week, all including done-for-you graphics (saves hours and weeks of work!). Not only that, but you'll have outlines and scripts for creating 8 simple videos for your study week that get your participants wanting to be a part of your community.


In Step One I give you a step-by-step EO Study Solution Guide with over 50 pages of cheatsheets, checklists, and more! You get a Builders' Study Planner with over 30 pages of step-by-step guides, cheat sheets, checklists and more that you can give to your team so they know exactly what to do and when! You get the First Launch Planner (the same one I used to launch my first one), First Launch Calendar to organize your first launch, Builders' Study Planner (so you and your team know exactly what the next steps are), we also introduce you to the Intro and Exit Class Presentations and you'll have the done-for-you presentation slides (saves hours and hours of work!).


(Hint: If you struggle with coming up with content and graphics for Facebook and putting together presentations that are compelling and engaging that line up with easy to use scripts, this Step is your new best friend.)


Invite & Prequalify

You don't have to say yes to everyone! Sometimes people just want a hand out, but the good news is that you can use our system for Prequalifying your participants.


Inside, I help you...


- Decide who to invite using our exclusive Cheat Sheet and Guide

- Know what to say to people to get them interested in doing your study using our exclusive Inviting Scripts,

- Know exactly what to say to and how to find out if they'll be someone who won't waste your time using our exclusive Prequalifying and Sample Intake Call Script

-Take them from Cold-to-Sold (seriously! Get them enrolled BEFORE their study) using our exclusive Prequalifying and Sample Intake Call Script

- What to say and do to solidify their commitment to the study, get them to send you tons of referrals, and to show up engaged and excited using our Orientation Call Script

- Know exactly what to say and do first, next, and after that with each of the participants to keep them engaged and committed using my exclusive scripts and EO Study Participants Tracker


Feel overwhelmed with how to keep track of your participants' needs and know what to send them in their Sample Kit? How about knowing how to teach your team to follow this system? No worries, because I give you templates, guides, and shareable materials that make everything easy to do!


Pre-Launch Week

After the work you did in the first three modules, you're now ready to pre-launch your participants! You'll launch the study group with your Intro Class next week! All the hard work is now done! In this Step, I give you exactly what to do on each day of the week leading up to your launch! You'll know exactly what to print, how to package everything, and how to save money by sending from home using the Printing, Packaging, and Sending Cheat Sheet and tutorial.


I share my Before Study Reminder Scripts and strategies for keeping in contact with your participants so they know what to expect and they show up engaged and excited to the live Intro Class (no before launch fizzle here!). You'll use the same Orientation Call Script that my team uses to make sure participants actually use the samples you send, see good results, keep track of their daily progress, and get them to actually show up and engage daily in the Facebook posts all the way to the end of the study!


In this step I give you strategies for keeping your team on top of things and knowing what to do next so they can hit the ground running with the studies and see success right away!


AND you'll have the same Study Sign-up Sheet that I use with my team to delegate study week tasks and make sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish. The best part is that you can take time off and your team will know exactly who is doing what to do to keep the studies going without you!


Everything in this module is broken out by First Launch, Team Leader, and Builders so that you know exactly who needs to know what, how to teach them, and what you need to do along the way too!


Launch (Intro Week)

Now that you've completed the other steps, the time has come to launch your first study! In this step you'll learn exactly what to do during your study week to keep you and your team on track for a successful study.


Inside this step, I help you know exactly what to do on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, and Day 7 of the Study!


Everything inside this step shows you how to...


- Keep your participants engaged and showing up in the Facebook group the whole week and to your Sample Check-in Calls, and to the final Class at the end using the During Study Reminder Scripts,

- Hold successful Sample Check-in Calls using our exclusive script that converts, has them enrolling during the call, and handing you referrals!


Feel overwhelmed with keeping track of the steps for a successful study week? No worries, because I give you guides, Cheat Sheets, and Checklists that make staying on top of things easy to do!


Exit Week

Now that Intro Week is over it's time for Exit Week! You've successfully gotten your participants to show up engaged throughout the Study Week, using their oils, sharing their experiences for social proof in the Facebook group, and the it's now time to close the group out with the Exit Class. You'll use the exclusive Exit Class Script to know exactly what to say to inspire people to share their testimonials, and inspire them to want to build on your team! You'll use the Exit Class Presentation Slides that are done-for-you and these perfectly line up with the script. In fact, the script makes it super simple to know when to go to the next slide, when to introduce a new speaker, and when to do prize drawings to keep the group engaged from start to finish.


Inside this step, I teach you the same Exit Process we use to get participants telling you that they want to connect you with referrals or build on your team. The exclusive Exit Survey and Feedback Form has participants telling you which oils they loved, and that they want to give you referrals or build on your team. The Exit Call Script walks you through getting them enrolled, getting connected with their referrals, and asking about their interest in the business without it feeling salesy or weird.


In this step you'll know exactly what to do on Exit Class Day, the day after, the day after that, and beyond!


Everything inside this step shows you and your team how to...


- Enroll participants,

- Get referrals from participants,

- Talk with them about their interest in doing the business,

- How to use Bi-Weekly Launch Planner and know how to use Exit Week as Pre-Launch week for the next study so you can keep running your studies on rinse and repeat every two weeks!

Join Today!


You'll also get...

The EO Study Solution System ($3,000 value) - Multi-part step-by-step system for setting up, launching, and running high converting EO Studies online every two weeks

Step-By-Step Tutorials and Guides

($1500 value) - Downloadable pdfs and tutorials for you and your downline to know exactly what to do for the first launch, how to create compelling videos, what to do and say before, during, and after the study, how to launch every two weeks, and more!

Cold-to-Sold Call and Reminder Scripts

($1200 value) - Know exactly what to say and when to say it from start to finish to Invite, Prequalify, solidify commitment and engagement from participants, check in on their samples, get enrollments before the study even begins, get tons of referrals, and find builders!

Planners, Calendars, and Sign-up Sheets

($600 value) - Schedulers so you know exactly what needs to be done by when for your first launch, your builders know exactly what their next steps are, and everyone knows how to continue to launch on a bi-weekly basis.

Two done-for-you Facebook Posting Templates ($900 value) - saves you weeks worth of work on creating graphics and outlining your pre-study and study week posts. All graphics and content is done for you and set up to easily schedule out with the push of a button in a free auto-posting app!

EO Study Participants Tracker ($300 value) - Step-by-step guide and tracker to keep track of what you've already done, what you need to do next, and what you need to use (scripts, etc) to do the things in the right way.

The EO Study Solution Community

($1,500 value) - Facebook support group: weekly Q+A, coaching, etc.

Customizable Canva templates ($250 value) - Dozens of Facebook graphics, banners, and a postcard template so you can personalize your Sample Kits without having to handwrite cards and customize graphics for the study to suit your team!

Study Registration and Exit Forms ($200 value)- Take the guesswork out of what to include in the forms to solidify their commitment and get them to tell you that they're ready to purchase, ready to give referrals, and ready to build!

Intro & Exit Class Scripts and done-for-you Presentation Slides ($700 value) - Fun, engaging, and high-converting online classes that get them wanting to be a part of your community, manages their expectations, gives tons of social proof, and includes a business overview at the end that is gets them wanting to build on your team!

A total value of $10,000

Get Started Today for just 


Got questions? I've got answers!

Q: How long will I have access to the materials and the course?

A: You will have instant and lifetime access to everything inside the course.

Q:  Is it possible to pull this off if I don't have a team to do it with me?

A:  Absolutely! Everything is done-for-you so all you have to do is set up a Facebook group using our step-by-step guide, edit a few templates, create 8 short videos for your Facebook posts (and don't worry because there are scripts and outlines that are easy to follow), edit the posting templates to customize them with the prizes you want to offer and specific tips or testimonials you want to include, and then everything is done and can be used over and over again! Then all you have to do is invite participants and you'll have everything you need to make sure you find the right people to do the studies, keep them engaged throughout, and have them purchasing, giving you referrals, and wanting to join your team before the study is even over.

Q:  I want to do this with my team, will it be easy for me to show them how to do this using this system? Will I be able to share the materials with them so they will know how to do it and find success with the studies too?

A:  Yes! Most of the materials (the planners, trackers, guides, checklists, cheat sheets, scripts, and more!) are totally shareable with your downline so they will know exactly what to do and when, what to say, and how to do things the right way for optimal success with the studies! Not only that, but the course shows you how to hold their hands through the process so they don't forget to do the little things that make a big difference.

Q:  Do you offer a refund if I change my mind?

A: Due to the digital nature of the course, the instant access to the materials, and the fact that the materials are easily shared with your downline, we can not offer any refunds.

Q:  How much time will it take for me to go through the course?

A:  You don't have to sit down and consume the whole course before you get started setting up your EO studies and inviting participants. In fact, it's recommended that you take the actionable steps outlined in the course as you are learning how to do them so you can launch your first group quickly! That being said, you can sit down to consume small chunks at a time, head out and do the steps, and then come back to learn more.

Q: Is it really possible to launch my first essential oil study group within 14 days?

A:  Yes! If you are launching without your team and you follow the system and the timeline, you totally can! To launch in 14 days, you will definitely have to invest a good amount of time during that first week especially to customize all the templates and get things set up. Now, if you want to do this with your team, you'll need to add another week to the timeline in order to get everyone onboard, knowing what to do, and working on things.

Q: What if I want to do it with my team but they're tired of me always hopping on the band wagon with the next big idea that is going to revolutionize our businesses. Will I know how to get them onboard?

A:  Yes, you will know what to say to get them to a team meeting, and you'll have a script for the team meeting that will help you cast the vision for why doing the studies will be beneficial, go over the program and results other teams are seeing, and get their commitment.

Q:  Will it be easy for me to know how to collaborate with my team on this once they are committed to doing it with me?

A:  Yes, the course shows you exactly what to do and say to delegate tasks to them right away so you can all collaborate on creating your EO Study program and get it ready to launch quickly! You and they will have access to everything you need to know how to do, easily delegate tasks, keep track of who is doing what, and know what all of the next steps are so that you launch successfully.

Q:  Will it be easy for new builders to learn how to do this?

A:  Absolutely! New builders, and long-time builders, anyone in your downline who wants to do the studies will have access to their own Builders' Study Guide with over 30 pages of checklists, cheat sheets, step-by-step guides that show them exactly what to do, by when, and what to do next. They'll also have access to all the scripts they'll need from prospecting and inviting, all the way to purchasing at the end. They'll know exactly what to say and what reminders to be ready to send out, and they'll have their own spreadsheet for keeping track of everything so they know what they've already done, and what they need to do next. We've got your team covered!

If you've read this far...

You have two options:

Continue to spend more time and energy trying to figure it all out on your own...


Or, finally have a proven system for creating and launching your high-converting online essential oil studies so you can finally stop spinning your wheels and increase your income and impact.

Imagine where you could be just one month from now.

You're ready to finally get your essential oil studies out of your head, off the ground, and into the online world.


You're ready to stop stalling and getting stuck in analysis paralysis.


You're ready to start taking action using a proven method that will help you go further faster.


You're ready to help way more people and make way more money.


You're ready for a way to get there with less stress, less overwhelm, more joy, and more profits!


You're ready for The EO Study Solution Course.


The EO Study Solution

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