DISCLAIMER: Although I may make a small commission if you purchase some of these products through my link, I chose all of these products because they are the ones I endorse and use personally.

  • Lavender

  • Lemon

  • Peppermint

  • Orange

  • Frankincense

  • Copaiba

  • Soothing blend

  • Soothing blend lotion

  • Calming Blend

  • Grounding Blend

  • Respiratory Blend

  • Digestive Blend

  • Restful Blend

  • Joyful Blend

  • Your favorite fragrance blend

  • Citrus Blend

  • Any of the softgels or supplements you decide to give


  • Fractionated Coconut Oil

    (have 2-3 on hand)


  • Keep a steady supply of the oils from the two top ten oils kits

  • Keep your favorite oil fragrance blend and Citrus blend on hand for the Happy Mood roller which makes a great "Thank You" gift once they complete the study 

Oil Usage Booklet

Three options in case any are out of stock...

  • Option: A-Z Guides HERE


  • Option: Modern Essentials Booklet HERE


  • Option: Oil Smart Pocket Guides HERE

Keep 40-50 on hand

Sticker Label Sheets:

  • Order 2-3 full sheets for each of the oils/supplements listed above, as well as blank label sheets for writing custom blend names.
  • DO NOT BUY the $85 binder they sell! Instead, get the one below for a fraction of the cost.

Deluxe Sampling Kit

  • Comes with 150 ¼ dram vials, 5 spiral oil reference books (gift for enrollment with a kit), and 5 Sample Key Chains (gifts for 5 referrals).

Binder to hold sticker label sheets

  • Remove the paper it comes with and replace with the sticker sheets

5 gram Cosmetic Containers with white lids

  • Use for lotion/rub samples
  • OR get lotion/rub samples from your company (SKU #38950001)

5ml Glass roller bottles

  • Use for prizes/giveaways/thank you gifts


High Quality Printer Paper

  • So you can print on both sides without the colors bleeding through

Postcard Paper

  • For "Welcome to The Study" Postcards

Postal Scale

  • Use for weighing packages to send from home via

Zipper Bags

  • Optional, but keeps their samples in a convenient place and protects their purse or bag in case of leakage.

Ziplock Travel Pill Packs

  • Use for supplement samples 

Bubble Mailers

(minimum 6x9)

  • Order Biodegradable Padded Mailers HERE



Peel & Stick Mailing Labels

  • Specifically for use with


  • Mail from home using

  • Customers are now demanding Eco-friendly packaging. Go eco-friendly with the packaging you choose and you’ll stand out in a positive way in your prospects' minds.

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